4 Apr

(Today, I was running late enough to work that I couldn’t get coffee. This is not OK. And because of that, this post may not really make sense.)

Stole this idea from Eat Live Run, and I like it :)

I’m Currently…

WatchingGame of Thrones!!! And The Following!! Probably my favorite shows on TV right now. Though that may change tonight, since Hannibal is starting… what, you didn’t hear that they are making a TV SHOW ABOUT HANNIBAL LECTER? HOW?!? I have no idea. But I can’t wait to see if it’s A) awesome, B) terrible, or C) awesomely terrible.

Eating… Well, this morning I had a toaster waffle with jelly, and I just ate a Chocolate Chip Larabar. I am going to get coffee in 9 minutes when my office hours are over. IMMEDIATELY. (Even better, it’s free because my mom got me a Dunkin Donuts card for Easter!)

Planning… the rest of my day/week, in my head. Tonight Chris and I are going to the Bruins game, but I also have to work later than planned AND Gizzy (the best dog in the world) is staying with us, so i have to go home to take care of her too. What a mess. That conversation made me late this morning, which made me not get coffee. Horrible sequence of events. Tomorrow I don’t have work, so I’m running in the morning, then volunteering to setup Wine Riot, and then attending Wine Riot! I’m super psyched :)

Reading… The Secret Keeper. So far I like it, but it was a little slow at the beginning – the mystery is picking up speed now. 

Inspired by…I actually am really enjoying all of the conversation in the media about women + work after the release of Lean In (which I would be reading now, if not for the wait list at the library). Even if some of it makes me want to stab my eyes out. 

Excited about… there are a TON of things coming up that I am looking forward to (going to Philly and DC this month, the end of the school year, Marathon Monday, spring weather) but honestly, at this moment, the only thing I can think about is getting caffeine and going to the gym before my next class. 

Anyone else want to play?




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